Book Review #35: Right Kind of Mistake

Author: Rebecca Thomas

Genre: Romance, Adult Fiction, Women’s Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Leep Books, LLC

Date of publication: November 9, 2015

No. Of pages: 101


Past has a way of living in your present; especially the kinds that leaves your heart bleeding. Haylie Keene was betrayed by the one guy whom she considered as The One. Now, she wants nothing to do with any kind of hockey players. But Cam is just not any hockey player. He is good and sincere and makes her feel cherished and loved. And he is her ex-boyfriend’s best friend. Will she ever move past her past and give chance to true love that is looking right into her eye? Or will she be repeating the same mistake again?


I have read my fair share of Romance and I usually know what to expect out of such books. Disappointing would be a mild way of explaining this book. The book is first part in its two-part series, but honestly I am not looking forward to completing this book.

I can not exactly fault with the entirety of the book, and I know my dismissal seems harsh. The main plot is expected and I will not fault with it. But the character of Haylie is so annoying that I was not able to enjoy it at all. I have read many books with characters based on similar past, but somehow the characters in these books showed a greater depth which made them interesting to read, which this book failed to deliver. The lack of insight in the lead character detracted from plot development, which was quite disappointing for me.

The cover and the title definitely makes the book captivating, but beyond that I did not find anything enjoyable about it.

My rating: 1.5 out of 5


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