Book Review #34: The Body Under the Bridge

Author: Paul McCusker

Genre: Mystery, Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Lion Hudson Plc

Date of Publication: 20 November, 2015

No. of pages: 320


It’s usually considered unusual when a Scotland Yard detective renounces his profession to become a Priest. But what is more unusual when he starts seeing things that hint at a gruesome future. Or is it past coming back to haunt the present and the future? A 200 year old mummified body, an ancient recently discovered bridge and unexplained apparitions and visions have a way of muddying a normal life.


If I go by the title, I expected an average run-of-the mill psychotic killer spree. It is definitely a good day when a book changes the whole expectation to something far sinister, mind blowing and captivating right from the very beginning. 

The secondary title written on the cover page hints at a familiarity with the character of Father Gilbert. However, having read the book for the first time, I was glad to not encounter inconsistencies and lack of familiarity. Every chapter takes you to a darker realm of mystery and fantasy and the graphic elements of darkness seem to coordinate well with the narrative style that has the author has used. The element of mystery and fantasy has been well played throughout the book and has maintained a level of coherency that engrosses the reader. I left the whole good vs evil plot behind when I was young and naive and preferred to read Indian mythologies. However, the author was able to use the same as the basis of the main plot, and made it more dark and enjoyable. 

The character complement each other and the story and have been beautifully detailed out with the use of simple and yet graphic language. 

The cover page somehow attracts the artistic side of me with the use of dark elements and the title lends a credibility to the book. Definitely worked to capture my attention

My opinion: 

The book definitely appealed to my dramatic sensibilities and maintained my attention for the duration of reading the book. 

My rating: 4 out of 5


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