Book Review #33: The Keepsake: An Empress Chronicles Book

Author: Suzy Vitello

Genre: Sci-Fiction, Fantasy, Teen and Young Adults

Language: English

Publisher:  Words in a hurry

Date of publication: 30 September 2015

No. of pages: 234


Can a Diary, Two Heroines and Three plain gold lockets change the course of History?


A complicated story line has left me in complete confusion.  The main reason behind this state could be implicated to the fact that I started the second part of a series and skipped out on majority of the story. However, I believe that this book could have utilized the tool of flashbacks between the two heroine may have been justified in unraveling the story, but it left the readers confused through more than half of the novel to related a narrative to one heroine.

I think the favorite part of this book for me would be the anti-climatic build-up depicted at the end of the book. However, that is where the dramatisation of this book ended for me. A great thing about a book in series is the potential of a relationship that a reader builds with its character. Having started the series in the middle of its journey, I was not able to relate myself to any of the characters, which kinds of turned me off from reading this book.

My opinion: 

Not every book will connect with you like Harry Potter did. Better start this book from the start of its series. Maybe then it will be a little more enjoyable.

My rating: 3 out of 5


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