Book Review #32: Ravel


Author: Shari J. Ryan

Genre: Romance, Fiction, Drama

Language: English

Publisher: Booktrope

Date of publication: 10 November, 2015

No. of pages: 260


One mistake and entire life changes for Daphne. She could have been a brilliant figure skater, but now she is nothing more than a old woman’s name. That has been the case for the lat three years until she meets the heartbroken, war wounded Marine Kemper Anderson. One fateful night, and she starts feeling like she has a reason to breathe again.


Main Plot of the book is based on a very sensitive topic that governs the society currently – Domestic Violence. I loved the way the book has been written around such a delicate topic. The narrative of using the victim to express her feelings was a brilliant masterstroke on behalf of the writer. The two distinct style of narrating the story through the pages of a journal as well as the narration itself helped in creating the story for the readers. However, the first person narrative of Kemper felt unnecessary until the later half of the story. As a result, the character of Kemper felt slightly overshadowed and underdeveloped. The readers can relate to each character in the book, and will definitely feel the range of emotion that the character have been depicted to display.

There is no fault to the story or the writing style that I can pick up on. The image and the title seemed to contradict each other, though both on its own justified the main story. However, the end of the story did feel  bit hurried and not thoroughly explored. The unraveling of the climax could have been dealt in a more explicit manner.

My opinion: 

The book definitely justifies the victims of Domestic Violence and the author can be thoroughly credited for doing such a wonderful job of narrating the story. Except for few minor negatives, I will definitely recommend this book for my fellow book lovers.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5




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