Book Review #31: Shattered Lies

Author: S.J. Francis

Genre: Adult Fiction (General), Drama

Language: English

Publication: Black Opal Books

Date of publication: 24 October 2015

No. of pages: 367


What happens when your identity encased in the familiar and safety is ripped away from you? Kate Thayer had the perfect life. Or at least that’s what she always thought, until a dusty room changed and revolved her world into a completely different axis. Will she fare and come out stronger? OR will the past secrets and regrets change her for the worst.


I love a good family drama. And this book was an excellent source for the same. The book with its intriguing title captured my attention when I was surfing through the list for reviews. And I was glad that it prevailed in living up to my expectation. Right from the first chapter, the narrative has been kept simple, well written and captivating. The main story maybe based on 2015, but the author has managed to weave the past and the future brilliantly in the simple story line.

What I loved the most about this book is the characters. Unlike the usual forte of novels where there is a male and female protagonists, each lead female character has been sketched brilliantly with strength and integrity that attracts my feminist side . Every role here justifies the plot line and makes the story strong. The underlying motif of strength and racism has been brilliantly played out in each sentence, without overwhelming each other.

While the title and the characters made me fall in love with the book, I did not agree with the cover image at all. It completely detracts from the main theme of the book and looks like something that a kid will scribble and draw.

My opinion: 

I loved this book. However the cover image is far from appealing.

My rating: 4 out of 5


7 thoughts on “Book Review #31: Shattered Lies

  1. Cover is cheap indeed but if you deduced a point just because of it, you shouldn’t!

    Your review is nice and compels me to read this book.

    Where you wrote “feminine side of me” you could have used my feminine side or feminine side of mine 😉

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂


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