Book Review #29: Impulse and Indulge

Author: E.B. Walters

Genre: Romance, Adult Fiction, Women’s Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Firetail Publishing

Date of Publication: Impulse (30 January 2015)

Indulge (30 July 2015)

No. of pages: 280


I am combining two reviews in one because honestly neither of the two book goes without each other; just like the characters in the book, there is a complimentary flow maintained in the book.

The main plot is obviously the romance and chemistry between the two lead character stunt woman Jillian Finnegan and billionaire extraordinaire Alexander Fitzgerald. However, the plot line reveals far more than a simple romance which came as a big surprise.

Impulse is the first in the Infinitus Billionaire series and mainly revolves around the story of two lead characters coming together despite their opposite polarity. It deals with family eccentricities and points towards an anti-climatic trouble. However, I didn’t expect a second installment with the same characters in the future. Indulge continued the flow of the main plot line and mixed in a bit of excitement in the form of sinister elements from past which added a bit of depth to the story. The fact that the author didn’t deviate from the main plot definitely appealed my reading sensibilities.

What I loved about the book is the tone of narrative. Instead of using first person narrative, the author was able to sketch out two beautiful lead characters with their charming quirkiness which ends up making the readers enjoy the books more. The introduction of new characters hints towards continuation of this series and definitely whets an appetite.

The story line is straightforward and well written, which makes it easy to get involved completely with the characters and the story.

My opinion: Definitely a good read. The chemistry is off the charts, so ladies, you will not be disappointed at all 😉

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


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