Book Review #27: A Bad Boy for Christmas

Author: Kelly Hunter

Genre: Romance, Drama, Women’s Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Date of publication: 13 November 2015

No. of pages: 83


Cutter Jackson’s world was perfect. He knew his place in the world. And one bright afternoon and he discovers a half brother and a woman who knows how to turn his world on a different axis. Holidays are coming and he doesn’t know how to fix everything back to what it was.


The book is the third installment in the Jackson brother series. As a result, the characters have been detailed out keeping in mind the past stories and the same can be said about the plot line. The main motif of loyalty and love has been fully covered in each chapter of the book, considering how short the book is.

The main characters of Cutter, Mia and Nash has been respected, not only with in terms if their respective roles in the story, but also in terms of the chemistry involving each one of them, that has been dealt beautifully. That being said, I did find the book falling flat a bit towards the end of the plot; There was too much unravelling happening simultaneously because of which the man story appeared hurried. The cover image definitely suits the title of the book, but both of them do not justify the main story.

My opinion: This book literally defines a quick lead.

My rating: 3 out of 5

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