Book Review #26: How to Sleep with the Boss

Author: Janice Maynard

Genre: Romance, Women’s fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Harlequin

Date of publication: February 9, 2016

No. of pages: 250


Desperate and hard on luck ex-heiress Libby Parkhurst needs a job to help her gain her feet back in this world. Patrick Kavanagh, thanks to his mother’s guilt trip, can help her out on that regard. But what if the untimely attraction can unfold a whole new world for her?


Another Harlequin work doing the trick of light chick read. The book is a well thought out romance to continue the Kavanagh family series. The characters have a maturity that has been well brought out through their romance, which maintained the flow in the story. There is nothing new in the romance department of the story, though the chemistry between the two lead characters is fresh and off the chart.

The cover image complements the book and is definitely attractive like the title itself. The language has been kept completely simple and realistic making it easier for the readers to read and enjoy this book.

As a compliment, a short story has been added at the end referring to the new Steele series by Brenda Jackson. The story was however too short for me and definitely whet my appetite more. However, I would have liked it more if an Epilogue referring to the last of the Kavanagh family member could have been added.

My opinion: An expected story, with an expected ending so there is nothing surprising to add in here. Good for a quick, light read.

My rating: 3 out of 5

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