A Chase to Death

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Secret Admirers.”

Heart pacing, she kept moving. She knew if she looks back, he will find her and kill her, like he promised. Her hands feel like they have been scraped raw. Her feet are raw, blistering and bleeding. It hurts to even breathe. But she knows, a moment of weakness, and he will be on to her. He had promised her that there will no place where she can ever hide from him. Is there anybody who can help her….save her from this hellhole?

She is so tired… so tired!!!!

She hears the sound of a twig breaking, and she knows she has to move faster. It is as if he is toying with her. Every time she thinks she has made it from her, she hears a sound that says otherwise. She just wants to go home to her baby. Why can’t he understand? He says he loves her, but then why is he doing it to her?

Is that…is that a cave?? Everything looks the same. She needs to hide. That’s the only way she can survive. Her head hurts. It is getting harder to think now. But she needs to hide. She needs just a moment; Just one moment to regroup and refocus. Jake always told her that when she focused herself, she was a force of nature. God!!! she needs Jake right now!!! She sat down against the wall of the cave and closed her eye for a moment and thought back to the day when everything changed.

Home. Sweet home. The only place she had comfort and safety. It has been far too long since she came back home. New York maybe the perfect city to live in, but it sure does take a toll. She always loved her life in the city, but lately she has been feeling quite unsettled. It is as if someone is following her, tracking her movements. The itch on her shoulder has been becoming quite strong. And then single cut rose buds started appearing at her doorstep. Initially she thought it was the creep from her office, Richard or something, who was trying to pull this on her. And she confronted him regarding the same, however he truly appeared clueless. Anyways, now that she is back home for a month, hopefully this whole nuisance will stop. Thank god for pending leaves!!!!

She will never forget the day when she met Jake. To go out for the detested morning jog and literally falling into a pair of strong arms and mesmerizing green eyes changed everything. People referred to them as the whirlwind lovebirds, but life couldn’t have been more perfect for her. And then boxes started arriving. The first one made her think of Jake, but it only comprised of dead flowers and a sinister note proclaiming her betrayal. She didn’t want to make a big deal out of it; ignoring can sometimes take the problem away. But she forgot that you can run from your problems, but you can never hide from it. The boxes starting coming in more frequently; more sinister, more nerve-racking. The police complaints seem to have escalated it more. The worry in Jake and her parents’ eyes started to feed her nerves more. 


She woke up with a start!!!!



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