Book Review #21: UnLove Me (Angels Warriors MC Trilogy #1-3)

Author: Dawn Martens

Genre: Romance, Erotica

Language: English

Publisher: BookBuzz

Date of publication: March 19, 2015

No. of pages: 478


Lives of 6 best friends/ couples comes to a standstill when Eden Blake disappears for 9 years. Secrets build up, lives changed, and 3 couples are torn apart. Fate gives another give chance under grave circumstance. Will they make do this time, or are they destined to be apart?


The storyline is composed of a series of flashbacks involving the 6 characters – Eden Blake, Jason “Angel” Hughes, Lilly Mayer, Vincent “Zippo” Torino, Hilary DeVaughn and Mason “Reaper” Harris and unraveling their story through their perspective. I have never been a fan of stories that involve flashbacks as a tool and combine it with first person narrative. The constant fluctuation between the narrative detracts the reader from enjoying the book to its full potential.

The plot line has been spanned over three different books, however a common link can be traced between the characters and the story which helped in maintaining a coherency. Throughout the plot a mixture of suspense and the expected has been maintained; one can almost anticipate the ending of the book and yet there is a thrill in knowing the expected is better than what you anticipated. This factor itself helped in maintaining my interest in the book despite my dislike.

The language is pretty simple and it helped in carrying the simplicity of romance between the characters and conveyed the eroticism of their personal life.

My opinion: This is not exactly my favorite book that I will refer to people. However, it does make up for a good read just to kill time.

My rating: 2 out of 5


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