Book Review #20: Undercover Love

Author: Lucy Score

Genre: Romance,Women’s fiction, Crime, Adult

Language: English

Publisher: Pub Yourself Press

Date of Publication: March 11, 2015

No. of pages: 201


Everything seemed perfect in Ashley’s life, at least as perfect as expected. She is working in her dream job. She has a fiancee who seems to be climbing the success ladder faster than expected. She may not be exactly happy in family front, thanks to her fiancee and his horribly vapid boss, but there is no room for pity party. Then everything changes in a night when she meets the gorgeous, hot and intense Jason Baine. Will Jason bring her so-called perfect life, or will he be the reason to free her?


I like chick literature. They help in keeping the mood mellow when things get intense. The book is not only a pleasure to read but also ha components that add a spark. The romantic element is not only intense but it hits the right nerve. Definitely some PG-rated moments. The cover image reflects the same spark that you read between the lead protagonists. It definitely attracted my attention when I was trolling for books to read.

Each page reveals a depth in character which complemented the story-line . The characters were in tune with what the writer wanted to convey, and I was glad to note no lag behind. Every character depicted have been fully justified in their role. The storyline is pretty simple and can be anticipated, but it is still worth a read. The language is kept simple, which reflects the simplicity of the plot.

My opinion: It is a light read for some alone-time moment. Quick, simple and intense. That’s all a girl needs.

My rating: 4 out of 5


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