Book Review #19: The Last Victim

Author: Jordan Dane

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Crime

Language: English

Publisher: Cosas Finas Publications

Date of publication: October 30, 2015

No. of pages: 384


With the escalating body count, FBI investigator Ryker Townsend and his specialized team have to buck up and catch the killer fast, who is growing bolder by the minute. Will the secrets that are harbored in the mind of the lead investigator help in unraveling the mystery or will it lead him to his own deathbed at the hands of a killer?


This was definitely an interesting read. There is nothing wrong with the book. But usually I prefer a psychological thriller where I do not have to delve in the minds of both the killer and the investigation; the whole first person narrative kind of turned me off from my interest. However, saying that I will definitely commend the author for weaving a plot with an admirable mix of killer instinct, grotesque, and thrill that will capture the reader from the start of the very first page. It is very hard to put down a book which has been written with such skill. Each character had a role to play. And each moment served it purpose of building up the climax. A book of this genre can be deemed excellent when the ending surpasses your expectation.

The language is quite simple to understand and follow which enabled easy tracking of the plot. Use of dark elements and imageries helped in creating the the dark scenes which the plot demanded. In short, no words were wasted. The cover image, the title and the plot complemented each other, which made the experience of reading quite enthralling.

My opinion: A definite read for those who love reading the twisted

My rating: 3 out of 5

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