Clouding over

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singin’ in the Rain.”

Disclaimer – I hate rain. SO I have decided to use the prompt slightly differently. Bear with my rambling, will you?

He loved to watch the rain. Rainy season used to be his favorite. He remembers the time when he used to get down from the school bus wearing a bright yellow raincoat, and splash on to the puddle that always used to be there at the bus stop. The growling clouds, the pitter patter of the rain, and his Mommy in the kitchen whipping up for a chocolate cake. She always used to ruffle his hair before giving him the big ladle of chocolate to clean up.

It was a rainy day when he fell sick in school. When he woke up, he was in this big bed in a bright blue colored room. But he knew it was a hospital because of the funny smell that was present. Mommy and Daddy had this big funny smile on their face, but it didn’t look like their happy smile. It was his favorite season; he knows its a season because Ms. Diane taught him at school. But for the first time, the rain didn’t cheer him. He heard his Mom crying and his Dad holding her in his arms. He has never seen his Dad cry before.

It was raining when he had to come to the hospital for the second time and the doctors stuck a needle in him. It hurts so much that time; not that the pain has reduced now also. But now he knows he is very sick, and the needles are, in some weird way, supposed to help him. He wonders if the rain this time is telling him it’s time for him to go. He still loves the rain; he loves the sound it makes when it hits the window glasses and the footpath. He loves the puddles it makes. Only thing is now he can not see what he loves so much. All he can do is listen and imagine.

He turns on his side, and whispers: “Mommy, Am I gonna die?”

He felt her fingers moving through his hair and a soft whisper floated back to him: “No baby. Just sleep now. I will be here waiting for you.”

He may not be able to see any more, but he heard the tears in his Mom’s voice. That was the last thing he remembers before his closed down in exhaustion.


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