Book Review #13: FLAKE (Friendship Love and Killer Escapades)

First of all I would like to thank the author for asking me to review his book. Thank you so much

 Author: Pankaj Giri

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

Date of Publication: June 1, 2015

Publisher: PenPoint Publications

Number of pages: 224

Synopsis: A typical narrative involving the lives of Engineering college students in the suburb of Bangalore.

Review: I was initially excited by name of the book. Having studied in Karnataka, the setting of the story, I could relate with the feeling of the protagonists. However, as I progressed through the book, my excitement dwindled a bit. The idea behind the book is appreciated, however according to me, it fell short of expectations. There were too many plot lines introduced to justify the main plot. But none of them were able to justify the character or enable them to grow. I found the characters truly lacking in personality, which made the experience of reading this book somewhat underwhelming.

What did not sit well with me was the excessive use of elaborate words that made it difficult to follow the story. The grasp of English language which the author has remarkable, but a book which has a simple story line should be justified with a language which can be related to with ease and helps in evoking the feeling of nostalgia in the readers as well. The flair of language in this case felt like a showmanship, which was truly not needed.

My opinion: I was reminded of another Indian author Chetan Bhagat after reading this book; I have never been able to like his books, despite his growing popularity amongst the mass population.

My rating: 2 out of 5


One thought on “Book Review #13: FLAKE (Friendship Love and Killer Escapades)

  1. thank you so much Ishita for a nice, honest review. Yes, I have to tone down my language which I have already done in my next book (other reviewers have pointed that out, too). Also, the plot was not consistent enough, I agree. Thank you for agreeing to review my book. Appreciate it.. Hope you’ll like my next book which is on the verge of completion 🙂


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