Letter to my brother 

Hey kiddo

You were a wee little thing when we first brought you home. Like always, you did the unexpected and decided to enter the world on the day when we least expected you. Thank Goodness we didn’t leave the hospital when you decided to express your impatience of being confined in the comfort of mom’s womb. I have never been a patient person, and your late arrival definitely tested that. 

I remember the first time I held you. Such a tiny little thing and how you tested out your lungs. I remember how worried I was when I saw you bawling and turning red. And then you decided to wet me at that very moment. I remember how I wrinkled my nose and decided never to wear that dress. It was my favourite and you ruined it.  You owe me a dress. Everytime you either pooped on my stuff or pee-ed over me. It was a vicious cycle that kept me on my toes. 
I am 7 years older to you but I was still a kid when you came into my life. At times I was highly jealous of your brawling butt. You had everyone’s attention. I did not appreciate it at all. But I was the happiest person when my chosen name was given to you. And it still makes me happythat you prefer to be known by that rather than your real name. 

We poked each other. Our fights used to drive Mom crazy with worry. You stabbed me, I punched you. But it always used to freak me out when you used to get hurt. I could never bear a scratch on you, except for the ones that I gave. I was pissed when that kid in the bus dared to bite you. You are my kid brother. Nobody gets to put their hand on you without my permission. 

It really did upset me when dad didn’t let you accompany me to my college. My brother was supposed to be there with me when I first joined the stupid college. My goodbye was incomplete. And I think that’s what brought us closer. We truly became a brother and sister once I left home, despite the fact that you always call me by my name, instead of addressing me with the respectful word Didi. 

I have watched you growing up into a young man with quiet strength and humility that matches it. It makes me proud. You took care of Mom even on the days when you drove her crazy with your teenage mutiny.  I am proud that my brother has grown up to be a good man. I have never been more luckier to have a kid brother in my life. You have started your new adventure called college, and I will pray to Good Lord to always shower you with blessings and give you the strength to continue on your road to success. I know you will make me and our parents proud. I will always be there with you. 

Loving you, 

Your awesome sister. 

P.S. I am always going to force you to take selfies with me 😀

7 thoughts on “Letter to my brother 

  1. O so sweet! I am seven years older than my brother, but that’s where the similarity of our stories ends. I wanted a sister and remember crying when I was told I had a brother. However, as adults we are finally having fun conversations sharing ‘”This is how I survived my childhood. How did you survive yours?” Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for bringing me into the 21st century!


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