“Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul.” – Alexander Pope

I have been told I am stubborn and I know that when I dig my heels in (literally and metaphorically) it has pissed many people off. The story is true for every single thing that I have ever done, and that includes my datinng history. 

I remember the first time I told Mom about one of my boyfriend. And the only thing she asked me is “Beta, is he a good man?” How do you know if a guy is a good man or not at the age of 17? I remember telling her at that point of time “Yes Mom. He looks loke a good man.” I will never forget the look she gave me, and what she told me will always accompany me. “Looks come and go beta. But a good man has morals and a string character. A man with all education and no character, is nothing but an animal.” 

My mother has this huge stock of pearls of wisdom that I hope I can pass on to my future generation (if any) one day. Charming doesn’t exactly enliven your day. It just resembles the icing of a good dessert. I have always seen charm as a glossy shell that hides a bad egg; Either someone is lying or someone is hiding something or hiding behind something. I have met lot of charming men during my party days, but they have always revealed as individuals with absolutely no character.  

I have no idea if there are any men out there who have any substance beyond the charm. My mom keeps asking when I will settle down. We’ll find me the merit list Mom and I will. 


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