Where to write, what I write

Day 6 daily task involved me to describe my space of action. Well, it is really hard to describe that right now considering my laptop has decided to part with me on this journey.

My writing requires comfort. Prolonged use of computers give me the worst kind of neck pain. Because of this reason, I usually write on my ipad or my phone while lying on the bed. Usually I have my comfort food lying near me, some kind of new book lying around me and something playing on the television. I know usually people prefer the quiet, but I have always taken comfort from the surrounding noise. And you never know when or where the next inspiration strikes. Since I am always on my phone or my ipad, it’s easy for me to continue blogging.

There is no particular flow or order to which I write. If words are flowing automatically, I accept the gift and just write. Grammar and syntax can be revised later, but the context should be out. When the words stop flowinng, I stop and distract myself; either with a book or whatever that is playing on the TV or I talk to my roommates. Words or ideas can not be forced. Of course the most important that will ensure such creativity will be ever-present working internet, which has been rather unfortunately absent from my life since the day I left my college.

It all sounds very tame and simple right? I don’t know why people refer to me as a complicated being. I was contemplating the whole poll thingy, but J really don’t know what I can say that will make you guys vote. Half the time I do not understand what I am talkig myself. So the safe thing to do would be you leave suggestions of what you would like to see more and until then I shall get back to work. Unfortunately, I ain’t getting paid for blogging.



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