Automated Fantasies

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Vending Wishes.”

I have rarely seen the concept of Vending Machines in India. Or maybe I have been very obtuse about it. But the whole concept of Vending Machines definitely intrigues me. If I get to posses such a wonderful machine, I will be truly living a wonderful fantasy. I can totally imagine a whole Cloudy with a chance of meatball scenario playing in my head. And that will definitely be awesome. But I want to be part of the community for reasons that can be described as meaningful. So my Machine will also reflect the same. 

As a medico, I have seen deprivation when it comes to basic human needs. The criterias which will be accepted by awesome machine will provide the following: 

  • Good, clean, healthy food for one and all; 
  • Basic items such as sanitary napkins for the ladies; 
  • Medicines which are free and accessible; 
  • Education materials for the children to improve literacy rate; 
  • Free contraceptives for men and women, keeping the growing population of India in mind. 

Limitations of my machine, for making lives comfortable and peaceful: 

  • No money will ever be provided by the machine. I respect hard work and the money that is earned in such a way. 
  • No guns and ammunitions. My machine will never be responsible for blood loss. 

I know I am putting forward a very idealistic version of a simple fantasy. If I have to ask for candies then I would ask for shoes. But candies do not exactly sweeten the harsh dose that life often provides. 

How does my vending machine sound?


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