Rising from her ashes

Disclaimer: So Day 5 was about how social media can sometimes be a source of inspiration. The quotes that were posted didn’t exactly sit well with me. I liked this one, and I hope you like it too.


The sound echoed throughout the room. The sting may be on the cheek, but the hurt reached a place that is deep inside her. More than the tears rolling down her cheek, her soul cried. Because she knew; she knew that the love they had is finally done with. It wasn’t a new sound. But today, for some reason, it hurts more. Maybe because it is Janelle’s birthday. Or maybe because it is their anniversary. 

There was a time when she used to shine and Josh used to look at her with pride and love. People used to comment on their happiness. And then, the drinking started. Late nights. Mysterious calls. Alcoholic haze. Janelle remembered the day when she first brought up the matter. The deep cut on her forehead took a while to heal. Of course Josh did apologised a lot the next day. 

But then what happened in the shadow of night, progressed during the day as well. The sting of the belt buckle soon made a mark. The numerous bones were broken. The marks that couldn’t be hidden any more always ended at the hospitals. The questioning stares and the offers of help that always followed through; she always turned herself away. That light at the end of tunnel has slowly started to dim. But she believed in the power of love. She believed that one day Josh will find his way back to her. Josh and Janelle will again have their happy-ever-after. 

Days became months and Janelle slowly disappeared. The quieter she became, the more she was able to distinguish how the air used to change before things used to worsen. She learnt to survive. She tried to things more comfortable for him. But still he managed to break her, physically and then slowly mentally. She stopped going out because the bruises were becoming more difficult to hide. 

But today… Today she has to make a choice. Not only for herself, but for the life that is soon making its way into the world. It is not her life anymore. 


Janelle  picked herself up from the floor, wiped her tears and dialed the helpline number. She finally took back her life.  

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