Pride and 50 shades of Grey

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Worlds Colliding.”

Disclaimer – This is purely a fiction fantasy and involves the whole alternate dimension and wormholes which Incidentally was inspired by my latest book The Carnelian Regency which I have already written about (well not mine exactly, but you know what I mean) If this had happened in reality, I would totally go for the original billionaire.   Mr. Darcy was finally happy. He finally got married to the love of his life and Georgiana will finally have a sister who will teach her the realities of life in this cruel world. Elizabeth… He still remembers the first time he saw her. The rosy flush on her cheeks, the sparkle in her eyes that eventually bewitched him, and her elegance that’s so inherent of her. His sister-in-law Jane has the sweetness and her irradiant beauty; but Elizabeth will always be poetry and art in motion for him. He will never forget how close he came to losing her, and for that he will always be grateful to the good Lord.    As he was walking towards his room, he came across the antique mirror which his beloved father got for his mother. He stopped near it and thought “If only mother and father were alive. They would have loved Elizabeth for the candid person she is.” He touched the surface of the mirror, and all of a sudden the mirror moved. No that can’t be. He leaned closer to examine and all of a sudden he found himself falling. The swooping sensation was making him quite nervous, but before he could say a word, he found himself standing on his feet in a strange room with mirrors all around that were reflecting cubicle like structures. “What is this place? It doesn’t resemble anything that he has ever seen.” He was getting bewildered by every passing second as he examined the cold metallic taps which do not seem to pour any water. At that very moment, a man enters the room and goes straight to the corner of the room and unzips his pants. “Hmmm. Looks like some kind of powder room” Once the man gets done with his business, he comes to stand next to Darcy and put his hand under the tap, and water just automatically appears. Darcy was surprised to say the least. “This is becoming stranger by the minute. I wonder if I should ask him about my whereabout.” He followed the man, and exited the room. He notices people sitting around small tables in various groups of assorted size, in a dimly lit and yet beautifully decorated room. 

Darcy decided to walk to the other end of the room where a guy in white shirt seemed to be juggling bottles. He takes a seat and the juggling man comes upto him and asks “What would you like to have, sir?” What would I…. Darcy didn’t understand how to reply to this man. He has never been very good with words, a fact which Elizabeth always tells him. But his time, he is really not sure how to respond. A lone voice next to him rings out “You look like you can use a drink. A scotch for the gentleman here, Danny.” Darcy looked at the speaker. He was an attractive male of his age, well dressed in suit and nursing a glass of amber colored liquid. “You look lost. And you look like someone who needs a hint of liquid courage.” Darcy was intrigued; the words coming out of his mouth were proper. His mannerism spoke of class and sophistication, and yet his eyes speak of a hidden pain. 

Darcy finally introduces himself to this interesting man. “My name is Fitzwilliam Darcy, and you are?” 

“Darcy? That’s quite an unsual name in this part of the world. I am Christian Grey. People call me Mr. Grey.” 

Grey. What an interesting name. Two words that seem to contradict each other and yet seemed to reflect his personality. Darcy wondered if his assessment his correct or not. Elizabeth always complained about his habit of making judgements about people. 

C.G. So Darcy. What brings you to this part of the world?

Darcy. I am not entirely sure how this happened, but I don’t think I am supposed to be here. 

C.G. Isn’t that the fucking irony of life? None of us are supposed to be here and yet we are here, merrily living a lie. 

Darcy. Fucking? What do you mean by that?

C.G. My friend, this is not the right time to play smart with me. Fucking is what I am. It is what I will always be. I am Christian Grey – the 50 shades of fucked up. 

From the tone of it, fucking sounds like some kind of character flaw. Darcy wasn’t sure how to proceed with such kind of revelation. 

C.G. Tell me Darcy. Are you off the market or are you single, ready to mingle? 

Darcy. I recently got married to the love of my life. 

C.G. Love of your life hunh? Must be something. I never understood the mushy concept. Every female that I have ever come across seem to vouch for it, lie for it, and expect it from me. 

Darcy. Since you keep calling me tour friend, I am going to ask you this. Are you alright? You appear to be someone who has lost something precious, and is embittered because of it. 

C.G. (whispers) Anastasia.

Anastasia. One word, and a whole lot of pain it seemed to carry. Darcy has never been the kind of person who has been nosy; that is a trait which his mother-in-law Mrs. Bennett always possessed in abundance. But Mr. Grey truly intrigued him. 

Darcy. Tell me about her.

C.G. Anastasia came into my dark life like a glorious sunshine. She is pure, and she makes me feel pure too. I wanted to hoard that feeling, and I think under that misguided thought, I debased her to nothing. I brought my darkness into her life. And now I think I have lost her forever. She will never forgive me. She will never give me the opportunity to show her how much I need her. 

Darcy thought about his first proposal to Elizabeth and how he treated her, and he smiled because he could understand what Mr. Grey was trying to say. 

Darcy. Some women know how to be an uncut diamond – beautiful, priceless and a gem. The first time I proposed to my Elizabeth, she refused me because I was, how you said it, fucking arrogant and a snob who considered myself as above all moral class and station. I failed to see her as a person, and I disrespected her. Her refusal showed me the way to be a better man. A man my sister can look upto. A man who would make any parent proud. A man who would make my Elizabeth proud. If she hadn’t refused me, I wouldn’t have gotten that chance. And I wouldn’t be with her today. If your Anastasia is any where close to be a diamond, then you hold on tk the hope that you will be with her. Change yourself for her because you know it as a fact that she deserves better. Be that man for her. 

Christian was quiet for a long time. 

C.G. I do not know where you came from. Other than your name, I do not know anything about you. But I am glad you are here with me today. Thank… You…My friend. I will have to take your leave now since I have to get my girl. 

Darcy. Good Luck, friend. 

Well, I helped one couple in making. But now I have to find a way to return to my better half. Maybe the powder room will help this time? 

Darcy went to the washroom and stood front of the mirrors. Last time, touching the mirror got him to this place. He put his hand of the surface and next thing you know, he finds himself back in the corridor of his house, facing the antique mirror of his parents. He hears his name being called and turns to find Elizabeth walking towards him. Darcy touches her face and says “You have bewitched me body and soul, and for that I will always be thankful that it was you who captured my heart. I love you. I will always love you.”  


On the other side of the time warp, Christian takes up the advice of his newly discovered and mysterious friend Mr. Darcy and stops over at Anastasia’s place. As he nears her door, he hesitates for a brief moment. Reassuring himself with the justification of his actions, he rings the doorbell. 


He holds her face in his hands and says “I am fifty shades of fucked up, but you are the only one who makes sense of me. Please Anastasia forgive me?” 

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