On a precipice

He stepped on to the ledge. The whole city laid down in front of him, seemed to be welcoming him with open arms. The glitter of city that laid before him masked the harshness that the city offered on a daily basis. Everything looks so small from up here, unlike the problems that reality keeps smacking into his face.

He closed his eyes and breathed in the breeze and the chill it offered. The very air seem to reflect his desolate core. Boys are not supposed to cry or show weakness, his mom has always told him that. But he had tried to be strong, to be a man bear the pain and humiliation. But now he resembles a thin shell that will crack soon. 

The biggest mistake of his life was when he stepped through the gate of his college and met Rajiv, the heart-throb and senior of the college. That was the beginning of the end. Amir thought about the day when he interrupted what looked like a ragging session. He knew he was doing the right thing. He still believes that. That’s how he was brought up. But that didn’t sit well with Rajiv. The humiliation of the days that followed still crawls under his skin. From being a person he was brought to nothing and it was termed with a trivial term called prank. 

If life has to be this cruel because of fellow human beings only, then what is the point of leading such a life? If a person is not respected in the society then what is his existence in it? He put one feet over the ledge and the face of his sweeth mother flashed in his head. The one person who has always loved him and supported him through everything. The single mother who crimped and saved up to give him the best of everything that this world has got to offer. No. He can’t do this to her, not after everything that she has done for him. He is the only one left in this world for her. If she is his strength, then he has to be there for her. 

The precipice will not provide answers to his problem. He finally gets off the ledge and sits down and let’s go of his emotions. Amir finally realized how close he came to giving up on the dream that he and his mom had always visualized. He wipes of the tears and makes a firm resolution of Never giving up. He was not brought in this world as a coward, and he is not planning to leave this world as one. He turns back one last time to look at the beautiful city spread out before him. Mumbai is a city of dream and he is going to leave a mark behind one day. 


5 thoughts on “On a precipice

  1. Hmmm

    Aamchi Mumbai 😛

    I feel this is the first time you have entered into a male skin?

    Is this what you mean by growing beyond scope?

    I am obviously not going to say that there is a typo in the first sentence 😛
    No, I am not.

    Anand 🙂


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