Regrets and Love

Clarissa stormed into the room and closed the door. The loud snap of the lock seemed to reverberate throughout the house. And like always, it made her feel like a prisoner. A lone tear trickled down her cheek, but before it could plop down, she furiously wiped it off. This is no time for tears. They are nothing but signs of weakness and regrets. 

She lied down on the bed and hugged the pillow to herself. Regrets have defined her life. If she only hadn’t listened to her father that night. If only she had the strength to move past the family obligations that had always stiffed her. He was the only one who ever saw her need to be free. He was the only one who ever freed her from her limitations. And he was the one who finally left her, without a second thought. 

And now he is back. And he wants revenge. Doesn’t he see her pain any more? Doesn’t he see that all she did was to save their love? Has he forgotten every memories that they created and shared? She will never forget that look of disdain and contempt that he flashed at her when she first opened the door. That look just stabbed right through her heart. The heart that has always belonged to him. 

Regrets have always colored her life from the day she made her choice. Will it always leave a bitter after taste? Or will love finally pave the way for them?


11 thoughts on “Regrets and Love

      1. “ready?” Typo even a small comment 😛

        I understand. Can you read “Notes from the underground” for a change? By Fyodor dostoevsky?

        Or Siddhartha by Herman Hesse?

        Just recommendations. If the chick-lit has already possessed you beyond reparation, what can we do?

        Or maybe I should start reading some chick-lit to fry my cells?

        Don’t take my jokes seriously.
        I just want to amuse you some times. My intention is not to hurt. You are mostly very serious so I pull out some banter.

        My best wishes,
        Anand 🙂


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