Book Review #8: America’s First Daughter

I would like to thank HarperCollins and Edelweiss for this opportunity to provide a honest review.


Author: Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie

Genre: Political biography

Language: English

Number of pages: 527

Publication: HarperCollins

Version: Uncorrected e-proof

Release date: 1 March, 2016


A compilation of the 18000 letters written by Thomas Jefferson written during his lifetime, written in the narrative of his fist daughter reflecting political opinions, biases, sorrows and joy of the time period.


“Patsy, suffering strengthens our constitutions and builds inner fortifications so that we never fall prey to the same agony twice. We must take upon ourselves a smaller evil to defend against the greater evil. We must take upon ourselves a smaller pain in order to survive.”

Thomas Jefferson quoted this to his daughter Martha Jefferson at a time of great personal sorrow, becomes the ground for strength of a young child who will grow up to become a formidable lady. While reading this book, I have never felt need to spare a single moment when I didn’t relate myself to the trials and tribulations of Martha Jefferson. While the words echoed were those of former US president Thomas Jefferson, the book felt like a private reflection of his daughter. The silent observations of a daughter that echoes of the prejudices and bias that surrounded the era in Virgina, the harrowing effects of revolution and war that has far resounding effect than mere politics, leaves a lasting impressions on the minds of the readers.

While the story is of a time period that we can not imagine, the style of writing truly justifies the narrative that the authors were aiming for. I think this is one of the reason that the book suited so well with my reading palate. I can not think of even a single fault that I can put forward. I truly loved this book.

My opinion: This is definitely one of those books that you will not regret picking out in a bookstore

Rating: 4.9 out of 5


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