If Time stops for me

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.”

Does age really really reflect your personality? Does it make or break everything for you? Age is just a number, right?

I have been lately watching this ABC series called as Forever. The story revolves around 200 year old Henry Morgan, the lead protagonist, who works in New York City Morgue and helps the crime unit. Through numerous flashbacks, he questions immortality and how it has changed him. The series is definitely interesting, though I wish they were renewing it for another season. 

I am talking about the show mainly because while I was getting entertained by the stiff British accent of Henry Morgan, my mind was wandering in the realms of Fountain of youth, and what I would do if such a chance was to present itself before me. 

If I go by the standards of Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Carribbean, priceless artifacts of such nature are often depicted as Corruptible. I have always considered myself as a strong person, but does strength truly reflect everything about a person? I remember the time when I was made the class representative in primary school. If I reflect on that era now, I would definitely call myself as a bully. Is that what power glorifies? 

I have seen my parents crying about the number of grey hairs. A fountain of youth will definitely put a stop to that for me. It will definitely give me more lives to explore the world, like I have always imagined. But I wonder if it will leave me more jaded, more than what I am right now. I read it somewhere once that Time and Tide wait for no one. I will definitely be stopping time, If I drink from the fountain of youth. But with the passing of time for the rest of my loved one, will it make me happy? I don’t think so. I like being sane and happy. That’s a state of mind that can truly give me happiness. And anything that disrupts that balance for me, can not be something that I will ever opt for. 


3 thoughts on “If Time stops for me

  1. Gray isn’t for crying, girl. It’s for laughing and for making others laugh. It’s a stage of our life – a stage where you’ve learned from your past mistakes and you are a lot smarter than you were before. You can get hung up about the leaky bucket of time, but do you really want to spend rest of your time worrying about the leak, especially when you can’t fix it? No, you don’t. Ask your parents to cheer up!

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    1. Well I haven’t said those words exactly… And I have a feeling if I say that, they just might open the can of worms called marriage and babies. Let’s all pray for peace 😀


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