Middle Woman

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Middle Seat.”

I have been called as a talkative individual, but when it comes to the journey part of the travel, I have always spent it in blessed ignorance and blissful sleep. I have this talent to fall asleep while traveling in any mode of transport, irrespective of the level of comfort. I mean, I actually fell asleep on a bike once. Yup, I am that bad. Don’t believe me? When I was 12, and I visited Goa for the first time. We were traveling in one of those big tourist buses. And all that constant yapping of people, and the breeze outside made me drowsy. Next thing you know, I am sleeping, or rather drooling, all over my co-passenger’s shoulder. And my dad kept flicking my head from the seat behind me. 

If flicking can leave bruises, I will have to invent some kind of algorithm to count mine. I think, this is one of the biggest reason why I love traveling alone. I can sleep anywhere, at any time. I wouldn’t have to worry about making conversations. Of course, there’s the disadvantage that I will miss out my destination. But if there is one thing that I am known for, not only among my family members and friends, but also among my college professors, that would be my quality to fall asleep at any time of the day. 

I have been told that I have a certain expressiom on my face that comes off as stand-offish to the bystander. I have tried checking it out in the mirror, but I have never been able to appreciate it. So, whenever I have been traveling, that expression of mine has definitely managed to maintain a distance between me and the general public. But then there are those with thick skins who do not appreciate such fine constitutional delicacies. For instance, when I was traveling to Hyderabad, one of my neighbour decided to enlighten me with her home-cooking expertise, and enquired about my private life with more enthusiasm than it was required. I entertained her home-made food, but I am very possessive about my privacy. I do not like being overtly rude, hence I smiled politely at her and tuned her out. Music really does serve other purpose in life. 

I am not very fond of flights. People inconvenience you with the way they arrange their seats once the flight takes off, or their constant elbowing, or the numerous times they will excuse themself for the washrooms. Some people actually find your shoulders more comfortable than the pillows that has been provided.

I think the worst experience that I ever had was while traveling to Abu Dhabi. It’s a rule hardwired exclusively for flights – never book your seat in the middle. It has always been my experience that people require to use the bathrooms more when I am sitting in the middle. Coming back to the story, so I was traveling to Abu Dhabi, and like always I asked exclusively for the aisle seat, which unfortunately didn’t happen. My co-passenger was in an extremely foul mood and was expressing it, quite vocally, over the phone. From what I gathered from the very obvious conversation, his wife cheated on him and is now pregnant with someone else’s kid, and now she is asking for alimony. So I figured this amount of information was enough to keep me entertained. But then he decided to call his would-be ex-wife. One word is enough to describe this unfortunate conversation. WOW. The creative flair with which he expressed his feelings should never be repeated to your fair ears, my friends. But holy cow!!!! I was just left speechless. That was the day, when I vowed never to sit in the middle. 

The only time I enjoyed sitting in the middle was when a cute guy was sitting next to me. Oh come on!! I am single and cute guys are always encouraged to interact with me 😉 However, in this case, we didn’t start talking until the flight was actually about to land. We spoke about movies, and current affairs, and god knows what. The fact that my mom was right beside me didn’t hinder me at all. I wish we had exchanged numbers at least. But I am holding hopes out until the next time. You never know right? 

Until the next story comes along

~ Cheers


12 thoughts on “Middle Woman

  1. While for fairly obvious reasons, I can’t risk being the cute guy in the next seat, I have created something that could keep you entertained on your next flight (nudge, wink! check my blog.) BTW, I loved your flight-description…the cook and the cheated husband – both were delightful.

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  2. If you’re ever cursing about a horrid flight because you were sitting next to a blonde lady who did all the things that bug you, unfortunately that will be me.
    1. I’m an insomniac and love people, so I talk to the person next to me.
    2. I can’t stay still, so I’ll try to find excuses to get out of my seat. (I do try to get an aisle seat, though)

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  3. My worst was when there was no one in the middle seat and the lady in the window seat drank so much she was up and down the whole flight. Couldn’t operate the in flight entertainment system so asked me to help. All this from Dallas to Qatar, which meant she was really drunk for her next flight. I want to sit next to a quiet person who doesn’t drink or need to go the bathroom. Haha. Always a fun experience.

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