Everything’s just… Fine

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No, Thank You.”

If there is one word (actually it is a phrase, but let’s go with the word) that I would like to ban from the English vocabulary, including mine, it would be the word “Fine”. It really ticks me off. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It can be used to point our intricate details, used to discriminate and distinguish, point out subtleties, describe something of high quality. I can keep on pointing out the virtues of the word, but I still do not like it.

According to me, the word has been used so frequently to describe everything, from trivial to significant, that it has lost the charm of its original Middle English charm. Now, it has become a vague terminology. Everything can be described in termS of “fine”. 

“Are you mad at me?” – No. I am fine

“Is everything alright?” – Tes. Everything is just fine. 

“Do you like it?” – Meh. It’s fine.

“What do you think about this?” – It’s fine. 

“Are you happy?” – I am fine. 

“How’s work going?”  – It’s fine. 

I think if you follow this trend of conversation, you will see what I mean. Is fine enough to describe feelings. Human beings are complicated individuals. Every personality has its own idiosyncrasies. But “Fine” as a word does not justify or elaborate human behaviour. So yes, I hate that word and I would like to abolish it from all vocabularies.

What does fine mean to you, my friends?

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