Book Review #5: Secrets on River Road

Author: Leanne Tyler

Genre: Romance

Language: English

Number of Pages: 180

Publisher: Crush Star Multimedia Local

Release Date: August 6, 2015


Madison Franklin was always confused when it comes to her mother’s side of the family. A letter from her estranged aunts provide her with the right opportunity to find out about her and finally have her questions answered. But nobody was ready to cater to her wants. Amidst all the secrecy, she meets Connor Montgomery. Will the start of a new romance help her in unraveling the mysteries of her family or will she always question her identity?

First of all, I would like to thank Jackie of Underrated Reads to have the patience to read and reply to my constant e-mails and her support for my reviews. Secondly, I would like to thank the Publisher at Netgalley for giving me this access to their book and count my opinions (for what they are worth :D)


“I believe you know exactly who you are, Madison Franklin. You are the same person who came here from Camden. Finding the answers you seek will not change you. It will only give you more confidence in the girl you already are.” – this statement truly established the motif for this beautiful novel. The search for identity is something which we human relate to on a daily basis. The author narrated this basic human sentiment beautifully and in such a way that there has been no hindrance to the flow of the story, while ensuring ample amount of space for her characters to grow and flourish, both in the books as well as for the readers. The author ensured that the personalities and its intricacies of each character is an endearing trait that you fall in love with. they do not just appear as a work of fiction, but also as fallible human.

The cover page does mislead you considering the title speaks about secrets on River Road, but the story of Madison and her relationship with Camden, paves the road to romance for Madison and Connor. The setting of 1920 may appear to be old, but the modern edge softens the prudish tone that such an era can be expected to have. That said, I wish the book had presented with a closure for the story of Aunt Maude and Duncan. It would have related very well with the overall motif that the author has presented. Overall, the book did start on a slow note, but the build up of the story was at the right place for a blooming romance.

Overall Rating: 3.5/ 5

My Opinion: Must read


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