To Be Reads

This is what a Sunday should be like.

Books books everywhere. Too many to read. 

This is what I love the most about Mumbai. They have innovative exhibitions to attract the crowd. So, I came across this book exhibition where they are selling books by weight, that is, 100 rupees per kilogram. So I bought 8 books weighing 2 kg 5 grams for Rs. 260, which comes to about 3.99$.

What a deal man!!!!

I am in a happy land right now.


9 thoughts on “To Be Reads

  1. Wow! That’s quite cheap.
    Are they pirated? 😀


    I love to have movies all around me as I barely read anything. Now a days I am reading many blog posts so no time for movies–I feel up until classes are over.

    So you are in Mumbai and went to trip to Karnataka? { Stalking? No 😛 }

    Have a fun Sunday with your books. I have heard Coontz is good.



    1. Nope. Not even second- hand. Its all from the warehouse. Premium authors are of course 300 bucks per kg. But I am happy with this.
      I was studying in Karnataka but I am from Mumbai.
      Thanks Anand

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