When Coincidence whammed into me!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Delayed Contact.”

An excerpt from a mother daughter conversation:

Me: Mumma, something very weird happened today.

Mom: What do you mean by weird? What happened? Did somebody say something to you?

Me: No Maaaaa!!! Listen first. So I was just getting on to the subway and you know how you wanted the paneer and the rice. But then on my way to the grocery store, I saw this shoe store and you know I had to stop by. Don’t look at me like that!!!! I had to check that out before the groceries. You know how I am with shoes!!!

Mom: You and your shoes!!! You already have 40 pairs of shoes littering all over the place. You seriously have to get another wardrobe just for your shoes. And why will you want to wear all those pointy thing!!!!! You will break you ankles like this even before you actually become an old woman!!!

Me: Maaaaa!!!! Will you just listen!!!! So anyways, the point is I had a lot of stuff on me and on top of it the train was completely crowded and there was absolutely no space to breathe or move. And then I see this tall lanky kid looking at me. He was wearing this black hoodie and he just kept staring. It was really weird and that really did creeped me out for a moment. But then you know me!!! I was just about to going go up to him and have a little “talk”. But before I could do that, he just got up from his seat and gave his seat to me with a smile. That was definitely a lesson that I learnt today. Never be overtly suspicious of everyone and their intentions.

Mom: Okay beta!!! That should help soften your cynical shell. But what was the weird part in it?

Me: Well… He offered to hold some of the bags for me. So I opted for convenience and gave him some of the bags. But before taking those bags, he took off his hoodie. And that was when the weirdest thing happened.

Mom: What… What!!! Was he cute?? Single?? Do you think you guys will get married??

Me: MOM!!! Enough with the marriage topic Mum!! Now coming to the point. So the moment he took off his hoodie, I had this weird sensation right in my heart. It was as if I have seen him before. He was this bespectacled 17-year old skinny kid growing into a tall, lanky body. He will definitely become a good-looking charmer one day. But right now, he was just this gawky, awkward, introvert kid. He had a cute smile though. So what do you think?

Mom: That’s definitely. So then, what happened?

Me: Well then we started talking. He is going to start his college soon and he is very nervous about it. Whether he will make any friends or not. So I asked him what course he has chosen to pursue further. And he proudly declared: “I want to go into the field of aeronautics.” It was quite impressive to hear such ambitions from a young man.

Mom: That is definitely impressive.

Me: Then I asked him what does he like to do at his free time? He smiled sheepishly and said “I like to play video games. Actually I spend an unnatural amount of time playing them. But it’s the only way I get to have a life and well… virtual friends.” So I asked him: “Would you like to change that?” He said: “I just want to get out of the house. And I am hoping that will just do it.”

Mom: Poor boy. He sounds lonely. How awful to be at that age and have no friends around!!!!

Me: I know right!!!!! I felt bad. And I don’t even know him that well. But I felt like an older sister to him, you know?!! So to change the topic, I kept the conversation light. And I asked him about his other hobbies. Apparently he loves reading books as well. So I asked him what was the first book that he read? I was so happy to hear a young kid of this generation saying Enid Blyton. It makes me feel as if there is still some hope for this generation. On asking who his favorite author was, he replied saying some Anthony Horowitz and Rick Riordan. Some weird people. I think I will take a look at the works of these authors.

Mom: Then what happened??

Me: Well we were going to talk some more, but unfortunately my stop came at that very moment. But he actually came along with me to drop the bags off to the auto-stand. Such a sweet kid. And as the auto was driving off, I had this weird feeling as if I am leaving a part of me behind. Like as if I am letting go off of something. It was the most surreal feeling I ever had. It was as if he is my younger brother, my own blood. I really hope I get to see him again, Maa.

Mom: Maybe you will. You never know. This world has become quite a small place.

Me: I really hope so.

Mom: Now do you want to see my shoes??

Mom: Not again!!!! I am going back to the kitchen.

Me: But Moooooommmm!!!!


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