Blast from the past 

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From You to You.”


When you get this letter you will be too young, barely 14, and too tempestuous to understand this. You will be in an age group that will seem extremely confusing, and nothing you want or need will ever seem satisfactory. Shit will be starting at home at that time and it will confuse you more. It hasn’t lessened any further currently. So don’t worry, and make it a personal burden. It’s not your fault.  And don’t make it yours. You haven’t done anything otherwise.

Don’t consider every attention as love and affection. It is not going to be beyond infatuation, and sometimes nothing short of big, grand mistake. Love is very fleeting at that age, and beyond comprehension often. It still is. Some things haven’t changed at all. Remember this. Life is short and sweet. And it’s not worth wasting on someone who doesn’t appreciate you at all. Doesn’t matter who that person is. Also remember, you were alive before the person came into your life. And you will continue doing so, once the depression period is over. Life is not going to get over just because of a guy. It might feel so. But truly it won’t.

Biggest thing you will realise is that things will happen the way they are meant to. And nothing less and nothing more.

Learn to be strong. Learn to make your voice heard. For yourself as well as for those who can’t. Don’t take shit from anybody.


Your 11 year older, odder and a bit wiser self


P.S – Whoever said that life gets easier once you grow up was and are still lying. Parents will tell you to clear 10th and how life is easy once you choose an academic stream. You reach 12th, and they repeat the same thing for college. Once you enter college, the race will start for employment. It doesn’t get easy when you become an adult. So enjoy it all while you are still a kid.


8 thoughts on “Blast from the past 

  1. That first line was mesmerizing. I wish I had known a lot of these things too when I was fourteen. And then the last line echoed my feelings about life (about how things are meant to happen just as they are) so I just really, really like this ❤ Thank you for sharing!!! 🙂

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