P(eeee) k(ayyyy)


Again a controversy. If there’s one thing that can be defined as something truly Indian then it will be controversy, that miraculously pops every alternate day. If life does exist on another planet, and if they do conduct research on our humanity, they will be highly amused by our antics.

While being infamously known for movies that have little value or sense but huge earning capabilities, Bollywood does have one of those alternate reality days where a really good movie comes up. A movie that has the means to open up possibilities for change. A change that is very much required in the current scenario that is prevailing in the society. PK is an excellent movie, much recommended. Better than 3 idiots. Being a perfectionist by nature, Aamir Khan has done full justice to his role and the original Bhojpuri dialect just livens up his character. But the best part of the movie is the subtle way in which the movie has highlighted the discrepancies of religion and the ones who promote it. The underlying story is something that the current generation has started noticing as a trend.

Being a free democratic country with clearly stated rights for each and every citizen, the status now has come to a null point. Many “great leaders” of our nation have already come forward with opinions of how  and what ladies should wear, to appear more appropriate. But now what we watch for our entertainment during our time and with our money is irrelevant because our leaders have learnt the basic life lesson from nothing but a bollywood movie that truth is a bitch and it bites real hard. And hence all this irrelevant opinions are being put forward to justify their own conscience. Life has become a tightrope. every step taken is scrutinised for whether it matches the delicate sensibilities of the public as well as our leaders. Without progression in the thinking, the dynamism of a society will not change. Sadly this idea has now become a lost art. Self-censorship has become such an inherent part now that most people have now learnt to accept it as a part of life with the tag line of ‘hota rehta hai. This is very normal in India’. India is a country where it is considered normal to pee and spit in every corner, and to steal shoes from the temple of that very God. But make a movie where this very fact is higlighted manyfolds and all  hell breaks loose. pK said it beautifully: “Self defence,Jis tarah diwar pe bhagwan ka fotu lagate hai na ki koi muute nahi.. us tarah humne ye bhagwan ka fotu chipka liya ki kono peete nahi…” (translation – I stick pictures of Gods on my face in self defence. Just like people don’t pee in places where an image of God is put up, similarly they wont hit me if I have their pictures on my face.)


I have watched the movie thrice already since it has been released and I still wonder where they found the reason to be offended. Looking at the Indian history, despite the all the foreign invasions, and crowning of colonial power, Hinduism per se has never suffered beyond the repurcussions of looting of temples and demolishments. And here are the self-proclaimed devotees who have this notion that a religion which has withstood a millennia can be brought down by a satirical humour depicted in a movie. “Wrong number” has been perfectly depicted in the movie as those who declare a special connection to the Almightly and hence have the ability to guide you in the right direction. Joining the already huge queue of fanatic hotheads, MP Sakshi Maharaj was recently quoted in the national newspaper Times of India: ‘The concept of four wives and 40 children will not work in India and the time has come when a Hindu woman must produce at least four children in order to protect Hindu religion.” If this kind of thoughts are not found to be provoking and deserving of mockery, then i wonder what is the level of thinking that is currently existing. I have always been brought up with this belief that religion is what you have faith in, what gives me comfort at night, helps me converse with my conscience. With the recent commotion around a simple, thought-provoking and yet humorous movie, I wonder if they really have no faith in what they believe in? If you believe in God so whole-heartedly, do you really think that your god will get dethroned by such a movie? Do you have such little faith in your own God? Its really surprising that such a huge fuss was made over a movie like pK when Amir Khan starring 3 indiots had a Muslim Orator (Farhan Qureshi) making fun of religious rituals that students make during exams.

“Asli God fark banata to Thappa laga ke bhejta. Hai koi thappa baadi pe?”(If God is indeed real and has actually made the religion distinctions of different communities, he would have stamped you accordingly before birth. Do you have any such stamp on your body?) What makes you a Hindi or a Muslim or a Christian? It is the Society that creates the division based on your birth. If you are born in the house of a Christian, you will attend Sunday mass and follow Christianity for life. But if that person is made to dress up in the garb of a muslim and presented to you randomly, will you recognise him/ her as a christian or as a muslim? The only time division has helped anyone is in the subject of Maths. Otherwise, division is the greatest deterrant in the progression of society. It is easy to be a follower of a religion, but to be a human and respect humanity is a much bigger achievement.

#A Random Outburst


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